PDP Concept Maple Classic Wood Hoop Drum Set -Video

See it here:http://bit.ly/1QH8hjP

Lone Star Percussion: http://www.lonestarpercussion.com

With PDP’s Concept series, you can finally get those boutique-level drums you’ve fantasized about for years without blowing your whole paycheck! This shell pack is made with 7-ply all-maple shells.

PDP has taken a step back in time with the Concept Maple Classic drums, featuring maple hoops on the toms and bass drum that look amazing and significantly increase the warmth of their sound. They’ve also replaced the bass drum claws with versions that are a little more old-school.

These drums are available in two gorgeous, vintage matte finishes – Natural with Tobacco Hoops, or Tobacco with Natural Hoops.

This shell pack features a middle-of-the-road bass drum size that sounds great in a wide variety of musical settings, depending on how you tune it.

Dimensions (Depth x Diameter):

Bass Drum: 14″ x 24″
Toms: 9″ x 13″, 16″ x 16″


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