Organo Gold Review Target Marketing Secrets

Organo gold is a MLM marketing company that markets a range of health products, viz. Gourmet Coffee (Black, Latte, and Mocha), Gourmet Tea & Gourmet Hot Chocolate. These products, apparently, contains a mushroom Ganoderma lucidum more popularly known as Reishi or ‘mushroom of immortality’. Ganoderma is considered to have a lot of medicinal value. The company states that Ganoderma has the ability to build the immune system, oxygenate the body and boost stamina in addition to providing over 150 all-natural antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Organo gold is basically a MLM marketing company and tries to promote its sales by setting up a wide-distributor network. You get paid for the sales that you generate and also for the sales of the people that you rope in. The company has a very detailed compensation plan for the sales that you generate. It consists of seven steps. The first step is ‘retail profit’ where one earns the difference in the selling price and the retail price. The second step is called as ‘Fast start bonuses. In this, one gets paid a certain amount depending on the pack that the customers, which we have roped in, purchase. The third method is termed as ‘Dual Team Bonus’. In this, we sponsor two representatives and set up a team with a right-hand side down line and a left-hand side down line. We can thus receive the fast-track bonus that we get anyway and at the same time we get Dual Team bonuses depending on the sales that our team generates. The next step is the ‘Unilevel bonus’ which is a long-term benefit program. Basically, we receive bonuses for the sales generated in our team (up to seven levels deep). Certain packs are exempted though and their sale is exempted from this bonus. The next step is the ‘Unilevel matching bonus’ where one receives 50% of the ‘Unilevel bonuses’ of the 2 representatives that we have sponsored as part of his/her Dual Team. So the higher your rank, the more you earn.

As you go higher and higher up the hierarchy, you become a regional consultant and start receiving a Generational bonus. Basically, you get paid (up to 4 levels of regional consultants) for developing other regional consultants within your team. This helps in promoting building of leadership. At the very top, we have ‘Global Bonus Pool’ where one gets paid a certain part of the overall profits.

Organo gold has a very effective training program to help increase your sales. The training consists of a broad spectrum of seminars, phone conferences and training staff to assist you in the formation of your team and to increase your sales, because eventually, their sales depends on how well you can sell their products.

But in the end, it all boils this. The amount of money that you earn from the compensation program depends on the number of people that you can manage to get in and the sales that they generate. All this depends on how well you build new contacts and maintain existing ones and teaching your representatives to do the same.

Source by Randy Chambliss

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