Oh, chute! 125ft slide linking streets in Spain closes after riders hurt | World News


A 38m (125ft) slide linking two streets in a southern Spanish town has been closed – a day after it opened for the first time.

Residents reported suffering injuries while riding the steel chute in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, which was designed to save people from a 10-minute walk.

Videos posted on social media showed people hurtling down the slide and flying off at the end.

On Twitter, one woman claimed she suffered grazes while using the chute, writing: “The slide in Estepona is s***, seen and tested. I’ve hurt myself everywhere.

“I flew two metres and the cops started laughing.

“These are my elbows. I have not put up pictures of my arse but it is worse.”

Others expressed concern that drunken holidaymakers could injure themselves or even lose their lives on the slide.

The council said the image shared on social media was an “isolated incident” – and claimed more than 1,000 people had used it safely.

It added that users had been given instructions on how to use the slide properly. They were told to sit down rather than lie down, keep their arms inside the chute, and ride one at a time.

Fresh safety checks are now being performed on the slide, with some locals claiming it was a “vanity project” for the mayor.

The chute reportedly cost €28,000 (£24,000) and forms part of the development of a new green space in the town.


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