Number 10 and captain, Dybala ‘like’ Del Piero: his best 10 matches in the UCL | English News

16 April at 11:15

Dybala like Del Piero? Hardly, considering the negative moment the Argentine is experiencing at Juventus and considering what Alessandro Del Piero has achieved for the Bianconeri and how he has written history.

And yet, today Dybala could be the first Juventus number 10 to wear the captain’s armband after the historic Juventus symbol. A fact that has not happened since December 8, 2009, practically an eternity.

Juventus fans have often compared the two, with a great desire to embrace a champion and a symbol of the status of Del Piero. Although now it seems like an almost impossible goal.

​But can the La Joya rediscover himself tonight at the Allianz Stadium? Perhaps the captain’s armband and the big responsibility given to him by Allegri can awaken the 25-year-old so that he can move closer to his better self and perhaps move closer to Del Piero’s qualities.

Click on the gallery to see Del Piero’s top 10 matches for Juventus in the Champions League.

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