Nigeria’s Davis Cup campaign in June may already be doomed to fail even before it begins.

The Country will battle for promotion to Group II in the Europe/Africa Zone, after several failed bids, but it appears the Nigeria Tennis Federation are heading in the same direction that’s seen successive teams stumble and fall.


Last year in Kenya, the four-player team captained by veteran Abdulmummin Babalola fell to Benin in the decisive promotion match up;  Players selection, fitness, shoddy preparation among other factors saw the exciting partnership of Sylvester Emmanuel, Joseph Imeh, Christian Paul and Babalola come agonizingly close but it ended in a fiasco.


Interestingly, there tell tale signs the Federation could be heading down the same tunnel brila.net has gathered. There are indications the selectors will stick with the same players, disregarding the peculiarities of the Davis Cup and failings of last season. This year’s Cup is scheduled for June and will be hosted again by Kenya.


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