Nigeria Cricket Federation board to meet on Nigeria U19 Cricket world cup plan – Apata

Vice President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation Dr. Uyi Apata has stated that the board of the NCF will be meeting later this month to deliberate on issues regarding the participation of Nigeria’s U19 national Cricket team that will feature in their first ever world cup next year in South Africa amidst other federation’s program.

Apata speaking in a telephone chat with said the NCF will look at a number of options on how beat to prepare the team, table other federation issues and make a number of resolutions.

“We have one or two things in place, so at the next board meeting this April we will be looking at options now that we are at the world stage.

Obviously, we will be looking at playing some of the main member Cricket playing countries for support where our guys can develop well.

He thereafter added that the Professor Yaya Ukwenya lead board of the Nigeria Cricket Federation is committed to providing platform for everyone to thrive.

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