The Philadelphia Eagles owe Nick Foles a great deal with what he’s done for that franchise, including his strong performance in Week 17 to help them to the playoffs. What they don’t owe him, however, is a $1 million playoff bonus in his contract, though it was close. Very, very close.

Foles needed to play 33 percent of the Eagles’ offensive snaps on the season to get the $1 million playoff bonus, per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, but leaving the game with a chest injury, he missed that mark. He played in 61 of the team’s 71 offensive snaps on Sunday, meaning he played 357 of 1,092 offensive snaps this season.

He needed 361, and thus fell short of the needed mark by four snaps.

The injury occurred late in the game and, had the Eagles needed Foles to play, it’s likely he could have played the final two drives. Instead, Nate Sudfeld came in, taking 10 snaps, including some kneeldowns at the very end.

The Eagles have announced they believe Foles suffered bruised ribs, but believe he is “OK” following Sunday’s game. He should be good to go against the Chicago Bears in the wild card round of the playoffs next week.

It’s unlikely Foles or anybody on the sideline was thinking about the precise number of snaps needed at the time, but it still has to be a pretty big gut punch for Foles, who has saved the Eagles more than once. Last year, Foles led the Eagles to six consecutive wins, a spot in the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl. This year, he was victorious in four of his five starts, helping the Eagles into the postseason after starter Carson Wentz went down with a back injury.

Foles carries a base salary of $4 million with a cap number of $13.6 million this season, per OverTheCap.


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