NFL Week 17 recap: Nick Foles got the Eagles back into the playoffs


Nick Foles got the Eagles back into the playoffs.

He completed 25 passes in a row against Washington in the Eagles’ 24-0 win. That victory, combined with the Bears’ 12th win of the season, over the Vikings, got the Eagles back to the postseason, something they didn’t envision being this difficult to accomplish in 2018.

Foles completed 28 of his 33 passes in the game with two touchdowns and an interception. He also did this:

Foles eventually hurt his chest and didn’t return to the game with the Eagles up comfortably at 24-0. As it turns out, he just bruised his ribs, and the Eagles say he will be fine. Though his pockets are lighter because of the injury:

The Eagles should give Foles the money anyway. We’re on the backend of the holiday season, but he earned it.

Philadelphia never looked super impressive at any point during this season — at least not consistently. Their entire season has been kind of surprising, as many would have argued that their team coming into this season was more talented than the one that won the Super Bowl.

But Carson Wentz never quite looked like the MVP we saw when he was healthy in 2017. Foles took over for an injured Wentz, and brought back the magic that led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win last season. He took over as the starter with three games to go, and the Eagles at 6-7 on the year.

In those three games, Foles completed 77 percent of his passes for six touchdowns and three interceptions. It wasn’t super surprising, just because we know what Foles is capable of. But it’s still amazing that he was able to once again just pick his team up and carry on as if it were business as usual.

Even with the Eagles looking as well as they have the last three games with Foles, I don’t think anybody would say they expect the Eagles to do what they did last season. That’s still asking a lot.

However, you can probably expect to see the dust knocked off those underdog masks (which, honestly, got old after a while, lol) for at least one week.

Let’s get to the rest of the fun from the final week of the regular season.

Matt Prater — yep, the kicker — threw a touchdown pass

Matt Prater is the NFL kicker with the Big Boot who set the league’s record for longest field goal at 64 yards back in 2013.

In the year 2018, he threw a touchdown pass with ease:

The touchdown was six of 31 points the Lions put up on the Packers, who failed to get on the board and also lost Aaron Rodgers for the game with a concussion. It was a Very Bad afternoon for the Packers in a disappointing season.

Quarterbacks are receivers are quarterbacks

In Week 17, coaches understandably decided to empty their playbooks and get some weird plays in. A couple of those were Philly Special Lites, because anytime a quarterback catches a touchdown nowadays, we call it that.

First, the Dolphins got one in to Ryan Tannehill, because Adam Gase had nothing to lose at that particular point in time:

Later, the Falcons got one in to Matt Ryan, giving Mohamed Sanu a fourth career touchdown pass on eight attempts:

That play was cool, but not as cool as drafting Ed Oliver or Quinnen Williams.


Teddy Bridgewater’s NFL career has been a rollercoaster. He made it look early on like he was going to be a franchise quarterback for the Vikings. Then after a leg injury that threatened his career, he spent a couple of seasons sidelined.

After the Vikings decided they’d try to Win Now and roll with Kirk Cousins, the Saints picked him up to back up Drew Brees and maybe replace him when he’s done throwing for a trillion yards. Sunday, Teddy Throwsevelt got his first touchdown pass in over three years:

The Saints lost 33-14, because they were playing all of their backups and have the top seed in the NFC secured. But seeing Bridge Over Teddy Water find the end zone again was great to see.

Please leave more Teddy Bridgewater nicknames in the comments.

The Bills let Kyle Williams have his moment in his final game

Williams announced earlier in the week that he would be retiring. For as bad as playing for the Bills has been the past two decades, Williams made the most of it with six Pro Bowl appearances, and one playoff appearance last season.

With Sunday’s game well out of hand for Miami, Sean McDermott made sure he got in the box score on offense with a reception:

The reception was great, but the excitement his teammates showed him as he got back to the sideline was even better. It’s also a good reminder that this football thing shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The sendoff wasn’t perfect, though. Williams needed one sack for a $150,000 bonus, and he didn’t get it. Tannehill definitely should have ducked for him one time as a going away present.

The probable Rookie of the Year has arguably the most interesting touchdown on Sunday, when he extended the ball over the goal line as the Cowboys knocked it out.

Barkley looked like Michael Jordan stretching over the Monstars for the game-winning basket in Space Jam, a good and classic movie if you saw it when you were a child

While we’re on the subject of that game…

The Cowboys sent the Giants out with a terrible loss

After Barkley’s Space Jam touchdown, the Cowboys put a dagger into the hearts of Big Blue when Dak Prescott threw an absolute dime to Cole Beasley:

OK, well, the dagger came when the Cowboys decided to go for the win, because overtime in a Week 17 with zero implications certainly isn’t the move:

Playing for the win is always good. Mostly because it’s dramatic, but also because I don’t think anybody would care for overtime at this point in the season.

This graphic lol

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Day don’t actually exist. Many people figure out a way to get time off, or just kind of mail it in.

The person in charge of the facts that go on CBS graphics seemed to mail it in:


Baker Mayfield is still racking up style points

The Baker has had his moments of flash this season, many of them coming with a smooth play fake of some sorts.

On Sunday against the Ravens, he played hot potato with the football before tying the rookie record for touchdown passes in a season:

Mayfield later broke the record in the fourth quarter with a zip to Antonio Callaway.

The Browns and Ravens played one of the best games of the season. The Browns made a push towards the end that could have sent the Steelers to the postseason, but the Ravens sealed it with a pick on a fourth-and-10 with a minute to go.

Hopefully that game was the first of many between Lamar Jackson and Mayfield.


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