Neymar shares his affection for Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi

Neymar said a potential return to Barcelona would be very difficult, but reiterated how much his friendship with Messi means to him, describing Leo as a very special guy for him at Barcelona.

The Brazilian says Lionel Messi helped him through a tough period when he was at Barcelona. ‘At the time when I needed the most support, the man on the team, the best in the world, came and gave me love.’


‘He talked to me and said: “Come here, you must be yourself, you must be happy and the same as in Santos. Do not be shy, do not be afraid of me or anyone in this club. We are here to help you”


This comes One month after, Barcelona midfielder Arthur said that he has learned from “the best player in history” Lionel Messi, Arthur credits Messi for helping him assimilate to the team, saying the Argentinian star has given him the confidence needed to find his way at a massive club.


Neymar is currently out of action due to a foot injury has scored 48-goals from 53 appearances with PSG.

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