The need for overall growth and development in our lives has never been in demand like it is today. One cannot point to so much that has been done to better the lot of the average Nigerian. That notwithstanding, the bible posits that you cannot put a lamp under the table but on top of it for all to benefit from its utility value. That is why politicians ought to use their platforms and offices to gain ascendancy and remain visible to those who have an interest in them. On the platform, the light from them transmitted into performance, shines or dims as time passes by.

The APC has had its full array of political appointments and we can surely see how everybody is “shinning”. It is not only the Governors that have mandates to prove. It is not only Gubernatorial elections that are fought and won. Indeed, other positions like minister etc are gotten from political patronage.

Unlike other appointees who have gone to bed with their positions thinking it is their piece of national cake, one example specially stands out: Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime. Even though his appointment came late, upon receipt of the green light, he hit the ground running carrying the whole state, nation and other sundry stakeholders in his stride. His recent birthday celebration was an avenue to reach out to his party, his people and his base to offer complimentary action to all concerned. He has also offered his many supporters in the party he nurtured to power without recourse that he curiously lost out in the power game.

Beyond that he is in the news delivering on his mandate according to his job specification. Latest is his appearance at the House of Representatives where he contributed to the discussion with the World Bank and other stakeholders in the call for a single regulatory body for Free Trade Zones. Above all he clearly appears to be opening vistas of opportunity by way of valuable information to interested parties in Benue State and beyond to benefit from his workplace at the export processing establishment. This is what we expect from people who are out there to serve the people, not people furthering their nests.

People seek what they see. Jime’s conscious effort to make his people see unlike most other appointees is a noble and exemplary effort that must be commended and applauded. The confidence reposed in him seems to be intact and unquestionabe. One hopes that he continues on this path to add value to the system as he mans the engine room of NEPZA to give our economy the needed stimulus.


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