NDA Honours First Commandant, General Ejoor


NDA Honours First Commandant, General Ejoor

The Commandant ,Nigerian Defence Academy, Major General Adeniyi Oyebade, has unveiled  newly remodelled back gate popularly known C & C  (Chagori & Chagori) gate of the Nigerian Defence after Major General David Ejoor, a former Chief of Army Staff and first indigenous Commandant of the Academy.

In his remarks during the event, General Oyebade stated that the decision to rename the gate in honour of the recently deceased retired General was taken long before the General passed on by the NDA Governing Council, which is the highest decision making organ of the Academy.

General Oyebade, who expressed regret that General Ejoor did not live to see this day, equally expressed satisfaction that the late General was aware that he was to be so honoured even before he died.

Late Maj Gen David Ejoor was the first indegenous Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy and was once administrator of the now-defunct Mid-Western Region. Gen Ejoor was the governor of the Mid-Western State during the Civil War. He then served as Chief of Army Staff from January 1971 to July 1975.  He died in Lagos on 10 February 2019 at the age of 87.



Academy Public Relations Officer

25 February 2019

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