Napoli ultras ‘break up’ with Genoa

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Napoli ultras have announced they are no longer twinned with Genoa after 40 years because of a banner in support of “deceased enemies” at Inter.

This has been one of the longest and most peaceful bonds between supporters in Serie A, lasting since 1982 and strengthening further once they were both promoted together on the same day from Serie B.

However, it seems to be over because Genoa ultras held up banners showing solidarity for Daniele Belardinelli, the fan killed by a car during an Inter hooligan ambush on visiting Napoli supporters.

“We confirm with this statement the desire to end the rapport of friendship that has seen us tied to the people of Genoa for circa 40 years,” read an announcement from the Curva A and B.

“You cannot wipe out 40 years in one go, but aware of recent reciprocal errors, the latest showing banners for deceased enemies who had been attempting a vile (and badly-executed) ambush on their own friends.

“We have to deal with the fact that personal rapports will no longer be extended to respective groups and are confused as to how we can experience the passion that is no longer unequivocal and cohesive as it was in the past, when we were linked by values and mutual enemies.

“We won’t forget the road we walked together, nor cancel out the moments spent together, nor do we expect personal relationships to be interrupted after building over time, but we wish to block any further work together, seeing as the circumstances for mutually-recognised brotherhood between the ultras of these teams are no longer suitable.”

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I want to share Stories and images for publishing Whatapp News

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