Napoli, Ancelotti: ‘If we play like this against Arsenal, we are in trouble…’ | English News

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07 April at 23:40

Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke to Sky Sport after the Napoli-Genoa game, here is what he had to say on the matter:

” Arsenal? I don’t think that the players were thinking ahead of themselves. We didn’t have it easy against Empoli last week and we had a difficult time again tonight against Genoa. Defending? We defended bad at times yes especially considering that it was 11 against 10. We didn’t control the game well with the man advantage and we payed for our mistakes in the end. Again on Arsenal? Well if we play this poorly against them then we will be in serious trouble. We have to work hard in the coming days to prepare well for the Arsenal game. Pandev? He found some space behind us which means that we weren’t pressing Genoa well. Insigne? It’s good that he played a bit as he is ready for Arsenal. Juve? We wanted to be much closer to them but Juve have been in great shape. Objective? Well we want to do well in the EL and we would like to get between 80 and 90 points in the Serie A…’. More to come on the matter…

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I want to share Stories and images for publishing Whatapp News

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