Most Astonishing eBay Selling Mistakes That Leads to Failure of Business

Every entrepreneur starts eBay selling business with the hope of earning huge profits. Some of them stick to legal and ethical means for gaining profit while others leave from the right path. There are various sellers that commit very embarrassing mistakes just to increase their profit and guess what? They not only lose their credibility as a result of these mistakes but there profit also decreases.

Common eBay Selling Mistakes to Avoid

If you have recently started your eBay shop and you want to earn huge profits without compromising your reputation in the eyes of customers then you must avoid following mistakes.

Offering Higher Shipping Cost: Some eBay sellers try to earn some extra money by offering higher shipping cost and this is something that makes customers annoyed. Now days, customers are aware of the average shipping charges so this trick will not work. You should offer minimal charges so that more number of people buys your products.

Pro Tips

Mention the shipping information such as delivery time, shipping charges, payment method etc. clearly so that customers may feel secured.

Do not Answer Queries: Another mistake done by eBay sellers is that they either do not reply to the customer queries or they reply too late. The customer becomes annoyed in both the cases. You can image how angry and embarrassed the customer will feel when he does not get any answer from his favorite store. It is highly suggested replying to the customer queries as soon as possible.

Pro Tips

  • Always use soft language while answering mails.
  • Try to reply back in less than 24 hours.
  • Write a friendly email no matter how rude and annoying the customer is.

Incomplete Product Descriptions: This is yet another reason eBay sellers fail to attract customers. An incomplete description gives a very bad reputation about your store as customers expect detail in the description. Providing detailed product description will result in lesser queries from the customers.

Pro Tips

  • Mention the color, size weight and all other specifications of the product in its description.
  • Provide clear images of the product from all sides.

Higher Price: Every person with a commonsense knows that customers will prefer buying products from the seller

Pro Tips

  • You should do enough research to get an idea about the price details of your competitors.

Lower Product Rating: eBay business is all about feedback score. If you have a feedback rating of 4.8 scores than customers will avoid buying from your shop. You should have to do an extra effort to gain positive feedback score. You should give extraordinary customer service so that your buyer becomes happy from you.

Pro Tips

  • When any customer buy your product then send him or her a mail requesting him to give you with 5 feedback score and also ask him to provide meaningful feedback.

These are most common selling mistakes done by eBay sellers.

Source by Mehwish Majeed

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