Martinez on Icardi: ‘We will continue to support him’ | English News

19 February at 23:10

Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez has showed support of his teammate Mauro Icardi by saying that the side will continue to stand and support the Argentine striker.

Martinez has come up with vital goals for the nerazzurri this season, especially in the absence of Icardi and when the older Argentine has been out of form since having last scored a goal in the second week of December.

Martinez was recently giving an interview to Sky Sports and he was asked about a lot of things, including the situation of Icardi and his stance to what is going on.

Martinez said: “Today was his birthday, we said goodbye and congratulated him, he was happy to be with us, we will continue to support him, as I said, it will depend exclusively on his decision and who manages it: he is not a our problem, he must solve it.”

Reports have suggested that the recent events have left Icardi closer to the exit door, with talks set to be held with Beppe Marotta soon.


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