Maps And Free GPS Navigation With The Nokia C7

Getting lost in unfamiliar territories is something no one would want to go through. This is something that will never happen if you have the Nokia C7 with you. Prepare to have fun and explore with maps and free GPS navigation with the Nokia C7. It makes GPS navigation a lot easier to do.

We all know that modern mobile devices come with their own GPS features. It is now a prerequisite of all mobile phone models. However, there is something the C7 has that no other phone manufacturer can offer. This is easy access to maps and a global positioning system that is free of charge. This is something that you will definitely find useful.

Ovi Maps

With Ovi Maps, you get to your destination on time all the time. This service will show you the quickest route from point A to B. This is best used when you are in a hurry for things like meetings, catching your flight, catching the last full show, or simply making it on time for a date. With this feature, you will never be late.

Voice Guidance

With some phones, voice guidance will cost you extra to install and use. This will not be the case with the Nokia C7. This feature will be free for a lifetime. Navigation has never been this convenient. Not only do you get turn-by-turn voice guidance; you are sure to not spend more money for this convenient and hands-free feature.

Guide Your Friends

With the C7, you not only get to guide yourself through unknown places; you also get to guide your friends. All you have to do is record yourself giving directions to any particular place and share it with your friends on Facebook. By doing this, you get to guide your friends.

Places To Discover

Not only does the Nokia C7 let you know where you are; the phone also allows you to discover new places of interest. These places include landmarks, restaurants, shopping areas, and so much more. You will always discover something new with this cutting edge mobile phone.

Headset Voice Navigation

When on foot, it will be difficult to make use of voice navigation due to all the ambient sound. This will not be problem with this touch screen phone. All you have to do is put on the headsets and hear crystal clear voice navigation while on foot.

This is navigation taken to a whole new level on the Nokia C7.

Source by Sethe Gomez

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