List Building – How to Build Your List With Craigslist in 4 Easy Steps

Craigslist is a popular classifieds advertising portal. If you advertise on here, you can generate a lot of free leads for your business. The best option is to direct the leads to your squeeze page so that you can get them on to your mailing list. Here are 4 simple steps to advertise on this popular portal.

1. Choice of city: Craigslist is organized in terms of cities. You will need to choose the city in which you want to advertise. Not all cities give a good response. Therefore it is important to discover which cities are the hottest for your niche advertising. I use a simple way to do that – by searching on Google for trends. Use this information to choose the cities in which you want to advertise.

2. Phone numbers: Craigslist allows only one phone number per advertisement. So if you want to place different ads, you might want to use different phone numbers. This is because they use a phone verification system to verify real advertisers. So try to use your spouse’s phone or your parent’s phone or someone whom you trust.

3. Email accounts: You will also need as many email accounts as you have phone numbers. You can create free email accounts on Gmail or Hotmail which can be used for this. then you will need to create the same number of accounts. For each account, give a unique phone number. You will receive a phone call or a SMS code which you will need to enter to complete the account registration process.

4. Post Ads: You need these many accounts because you can only post 3 ads every 48 hours. so with multiple accounts, you can alternate the accounts and develop your monthly advertising plan. There are 3 things you need for the Craigslist ad – the title, the body and the link. Make sure each ad title is unique since duplicate ads from different accounts are not allowed. For the body you have choice of using either a text or an image. if you are using an image, you will need to host the image on an image server and then give an image link on Craigslist.

If you are a beginner with Craigslist, you might need some time to learn which ads work for you. Try out different variations of ads and different cities where you post them and you will find out which ads work in which cities. Then you can focus your campaign to those cities and generate more leads for your business.

Source by J B Cole

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