LeBron iced the Lakers-Pelicans game and Anthony Davis was not pleased

Looks like LeBron James’ positivity paid off.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Pelicans 125-119 on Wednesday night, and it was a great game for LeBron. He had 33 points, 10 assists, and 6 rebounds, and three of those points came in the pivotal final minute of the game.

The Lakers were up 120-117 with just over 30 seconds to go, and plenty of time left for the Pelicans to tie and even win the game. James got the ball, and he drilled a bonkers one-legged three-pointer from the corner to give the Lakers a little breathing room as the clock wound down. The best part? Anthony Davis’ reaction from the Pelicans’ bench after it happened. It’s understated, but he made a face like he was both disappointed and smelling something really stanky.

The camera person who found Davis after LeBron’s three-pointer knows what’s up, and probably deserves a raise.

Just hours before, James presented his newly positive attitude to the media amidst a very loose practice, saying about the Lakers “I like where we are.” And James’ faith in his teammates was rewarded, because he wasn’t the only Lakers player to show up in full force on Wednesday. Both Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma played well, helping the Lakers to their much-needed win over the Pels.

LeBron James had a great game against the Pelicans, including a late three-pointer that iced the game (Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images)

The start of the game wasn’t ideal, though — at least for the scoreboard operator. Davis made the first basket of the game, but it didn’t get credited to the right team.

Wishful thinking? Future prediction? Who knows!

There was one more outstanding highlight from this game, but it didn’t feature any players. A fan in the arena made a spectacular three-pointer to win $100,000.

When he was asked what he was going to do with the money, he said, without hesitation: “A Ferrari!” Never change, Los Angeles.

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