At Last, Osinbajo Swears In Two New Ministers

Nigeria’s Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has sworn in two new ministers earlier confirmed by the Senate.

The new ministers are Stephen Ocheni (Kogi) and Alhaji Suleiman Hassan (Gombe).

Speaking after swearing them in, Osinbajo said  they “ will not have time to celebrate much this morning. You will have full meeting today.”

He reminded them of them  to key into the economic, security and anti corruption priorities of the Buhari administration.

Osinbajo’s  comments read thus: “Our latest members of the federal executive council are Stephen Ocheni (Kogi) and Alhaji Suleiman Hassan (Gombe).

“We welcome you to the federal executive council, where you have just been sworn in from ministerial nominees but now  ministers of the federal republic Nigeria. Their portfolio will be announced shortly. From this moment they will join the federal executive council and will sit in our meeting this morning.

“So Prof and Alhaji you will not have time to celebrate much this morning. You will have full meeting today.

“The Federal Executive Council is one that is committed to the very far reaching and reform Programme of this government. That reform Programme is contained in our Economic Recovery and Road Plan. We have focus our attention on key areas of that economic recovery plan and we believe those key areas are things that need to be done to make a difference in the Nigerian economy and in the lives of Nigerians.

“Time and time again we have continued to emphasis the need for ministers to pay particular attention to all the areas that we have highlighted in the economic plan.

“The President Muhammadu Buhari decided to task ministers with specific functions and so we expect our new ministers to be part of this Herculean task in turning around the Nigerian economy and making life better for the citizens.

“Of course, you know that aside from the economy we have two key areas highlighted by the president during the course of the campaigns and have become center pieces of our administration Programme – security and the anti-corruption fight.

“We expect that members of the federal executive council will focus on these key areas as well. We have of course made tremendous progress in security, we have issues and challenges here and there, but they are, compared to where we are coming from, very minor indeed and we are tackling them on a day by day basis.

“On the anti corruption fight, we are focused we believe that the primary thing is for those of us who have the privilege of serving to ensure that by our own point and actions we support the anti corruption fight and also that our conducts will be exemplary so that we will show by practice not just by words that we are determined to ensure that this country is run by a good government. And where there is honesty and integrity service will be delivered.

“Even as I welcome you to this cabinet, I congratulate friends and family who are here and I can only say going by your antecedents  as contained in your resume read out, it is evident that you are deserving of positions held in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that you are capable of rendering all the task that will given to you. The only reward is more hard work and I wish you the best as minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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