For Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson, hits have been hard to come by this season. That is, unless he hits the ball over the fence.

It’s no wonder then that when Washington Nationals second baseman Brian Dozier sprawled out to rob him of a sure single on Friday night, Pederson was quick to express his displeasure in the form of a hand gesture.

That’s right, Pederson shamelessly flipped the bird at Dozier as he watched the baseball get vacuumed up and thrown to first base for the out.

The gesture had fans rewinding and slo-moing ad nauseam. That was, until they realized SportsNet Los Angeles had done the work for them.

You can see clear evidence of the gesture here.

Will Joc Pederson be punished?

The intent here was clearly harmless.

Dozier, who finished last season as a Dodger, was engaged in a friendly rivalry with Pederson throughout the game. Pederson’s gesture was a playful retort, not a malicious one. Yet it’s still something Major League Baseball will frown on.

As you’ll recall, Yasiel Puig, then of the Dodgers, received a one-game suspension for giving the double-bird to a fan in Cleveland back in 2017.

The circumstances are vastly different. It seems more likely and more appropriate that Pederson would only get a stern talking to here, but you never know what message the league might want to send.

Joc Pederson gets last laugh

Robbery aside, this game belonged to Pederson and the Dodgers.

LA’s leadoff man sandwiched a pair of solo home runs around the webgem to fuel a Dodgers 5-0 win and bring his season total to 12.

Pederson only has 25 hits overall and a .229 batting average this season. But with nearly half of his hits leaving the ballpark, the Dodgers aren’t going to complain too much.

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