Jeremy Lamb’s halfcourt heave is an all-time buzzer beater

Jeremy Lamb’s halfcourt heave is an all-time buzzer beater


Prayers do get answered. At least that’s the case for Jeremy Lamb, the Charlotte Hornets guard who beat the Raptors with a Hail Mary heave from half court.

Lamb lost control of the ball with the clock running down and the Hornets down two. By the time he gathered it, he was a foot behind the half court line. Lamb launched a high-arcing bomb all the way from mid-court. Somehow, it hit the glass and went in.

A few things here, if I may.

One: Kemba Walker had no faith in that shot going in. Once it left Lamb’s hands, Walker turned his back to the play almost in disgust. To be honest, Kemba, I had no faith in that shot going in, either.

Two: Look at Lamb’s reaction to the shot dropping.

The guy looks like a kicker who just iced a game on a point after attempt.

Then look at how he talks that talk after his teammates get to him.

That’s a whole 2019 mood, to be honest.

This game doesn’t have much bearing on playoff standings. The Hornets are probably still going to be on the outside looking in, and the Raptors will be the two seed. Straight like that.

Had that half-court heave not gone in, we would have been taking about Kemba Walker, who just can’t seem to catch a break or get the help he needs to make a deep playoff run. But today, Charlotte’s prayers were answered. Hail Mary, the Lord is with thee.


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