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By Janet Adetu

Wishing all our dear Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day today!!!

How are you spending your day?

What would you love to have on M other’s day a s a great gift?

What legacy would you like to leave behind for your kids?

Incase you are wondering just read on and gather some ideas for gifts for your mother and tips on mothering etiquette. We celebrate all mothers.

Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A potted Phalanopsis Orchid Plant
  • A Perfume (gift box) perfume or lotion set
  • An Evolving Photo album
  • An album with songs for Mothers
  • A beautiful designer bag
  • A special lunch date out
  • A spa beauty treatment
  • Beautiful material in her favourite colour
  • A Dress/Suit in her favourite colour
  • A set of dinnerware/cookware
  • A beautiful portrait of your mother

Gift Etiquette for Mother’s Day

  • Buy what is affordable do not break the bank
  • Buy a gift that comes from your heart
  • Give the gift on the day
  • Give the gift with love
  • Wrap your gift and add a card
  • Avoid alcohol if you are not sure your motherly mentor does not drink
  • Avoid chocolates that could melt in the heat.
  • Keep flowers embedded in water for preservation
  • Try to find out what the recipient likes most
  • Remember to acknowledge any gifts you were given
  • Send a thank you note or message
  • Use the gift you were given
  • Enjoy the gift with pleasure


  1. a) Be Spiritually Tuned In: Before I step into the act of branding you we can all agree that to be a mother is easily one of the most difficult jobs ever. Your whole character, personality and charisma rubs off from you and is transferred to your child in small portions as you go about your daily duty as a mum. Seriously the first step as a mother without any contention is to be spiritually in tune with your maker.

Your prayer life needs to be larger than life because it is not just about you anymore, your child needs your shield, when your are there and when you are not. The responsibility is yours once you decide to bring a child into the world. Don’t forget to pray for your children each day. That way you will never be overwhelmed by your own busy schedule and forget them. Even when at times it is difficult to communicate, remember them in prayer.

  1. b) Etiquette – Your No.1 Principle:

Etiquette they say is language that expresses patience, kindness, love, respect and consideration. It is not about pretending or being fussy, but an attempt to be perfect and mindful in behavior, in conduct, in character and personality.  Contrary to the belief that etiquette is for only the rich and famous, etiquette is for all works of life, all ages, all categories. It is every Mothers’ wish that they see their children grow to be great leaders in the future. Studies have shown and research has confirmed that children and teenagers today have become evermore unruly and rude in class, in public places and in society in general. High tech exposure has allowed our children to become anti social, impolite and mannerless, therefore we have an impending crisis on how hands. Experts say that etiquette is now needed more than t build a great nation filled with trust, respect and dignity. Etiquette is not to be forced it should come from you naturally. As a mother, use etiquette principles to direct your home, business, and your career. Create that unique image that makes people want to look back and admire you for your poise, exemplary skills and your grace. A mother who excels herself with principles of manners will stand out in the crowd and make her family proud.

  1. c) Have Elegance, Poise, & Presence:

An Elegant mother is graceful in appearance, elo “You lose your health you have lost something

“You lose character, you have lost everything”

Show the right attitude at all times as a mother even in circumstances where the other person was wrong. Be the more mature person that has an aura of peace, patience, joy and happiness. Have an optimistic view of life even when you are challenged these are the things that build your character. Believe that tomorrow will be better than today. Your character is developed from a tender age; as such in attempting to mould your child’s character, deposit good character traits in him/her.

  1. f) Quintessential Image:

Your image is everything, the beginning of you creating a good or bad first impression. Whether you are meeting your child’s teacher for the first time, your new boss, a potential client or a distant inlaw how others view you should be your concern. As a mother you not only mentor your own children, but the people you work with, your clients, acquaintances, colleagues, staff and subordinates. You should either command a sense of authority, or approachability otherwise you will be seen to be standoffish, proud and unapproachable. Dress the way you want to be addressed at all times for all occassions. Try not to over power your looks but enhance them.

  1. g) Think, Speak, Act:

How eloquently do you speak? As a mother, your child’s first words will come from hearing you as well as others. Make up your mind what language you would like your child to learn first. Perfect the language and construct your sentences well. Do not dilute your English language rather seek to speak constructively with perfect diction and pronounciation. Think before you say anything even in when in annoyance. Act only when you have thought about it and spoken it. Communicate with style, remove all that funky texting and show your kids the right way to communicate.

Abbreviating your written words only confirms that you condone that level of communication. Teach your child the right way to go and not to conform with the norm.

  1. h) Evolve with the Times

Our children today are so high-tech we can hardly keep up with them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Likes. What next?

This Z generation are fast taking over the world. I say keep up with the times and don’t be left behind. Let yur children know you are abreast with what is going on around you. Even when they still think you are old school prove them wrong.

i)You Were Born to Inspire:

You should have it at the back of your mind to want to leave a good legacy behind for your children, both boys and girls. We all have dreams and aspirations that form our daily, weekly and yearly goals. Be a huge inspiration to your children, whether you bake cakes, sell shoes or clothes, design clothing, train, teach, consult, whatever you do let your children have cause to be interested in what you do. Let them have reasons to be proud of you as their mother. You were born to inspire the nation, go ahead and run with your vision. If you do not run with it no body will do it for you.                                                                                                                                                                                             Have a Blessed and Great Mothers Day

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