Interest in Antonio Brown has “grown” with more teams inquiring about the Pro Bowl receiver. Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert said last week three teams had inquired about the receiver, whom the team is shopping.

More teams have talked to Colbert since, though he didn’t provide an updated number.

“It will continue to go one way or another because as we’re here at the Combine,” Colbert said, via Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “We’re learning about alternatives to your current team. You may come away feeling better; you may feel worse. But the one thing that doesn’t change is Antonio Brown’s value, not only to us but to anybody else in the National Football League. [Trade possibilities] will be more clear at the end of this week.”

Colbert doesn’t rule out trading within the division, although he obviously would prefer to send Brown somewhere outside the AFC North. Trading Brown to an NFC team would be most preferable.

A division rival would have to blow away any other offer the Steelers receive.

“We haven’t eliminated anybody,’’ Colbert said. “Ideally, you want to trade him to somebody you’ll never play, but you can’t do that, because if you’re good enough to get to the Super Bowl, you have to play him anyway. The less you would play him, the better, but if a team comes through with the best compensation, we have to balance that out. OK, we’re going to play him twice a year, but we’re going to get the best compensation, so it’s our job to do the better job with the compensation, and you have to weigh that all into the discussion.”


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