ILO defers 2020 conference to 2021 over COVID-19

The governing board of the International Labour Organisation has deferred the upcoming session of the annual International Labour Conference International.

The 109th session of the conference will now take place June 2021.

As a consequence of this decision, the associated 338th and 339th sessions of the ILO Governing Body, scheduled for 25 May and 6 June 2020 respectively, will also not take place.

“Despite the deferral of the conference, the ILO and all its offices around the world are operational and will continue to work closely with its constituents, development partners and the multilateral system.

“The organization is directing significant efforts towards addressing policy and technical responses to the pandemic, for the immediate and long term.”

The International Labour Conference meets once a year in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss key world of work issues, craft and adopt International Labour Standards and monitor their implementation. It brings together government, worker and employer representatives of the ILO’s 187 member-states.

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