Ibadan museum promises to do more on research

 The New Curator, National Museum of Unity, Ibadan, Prince Sikiru Adedoyin, has promised to improve research into the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, including material and non-material culture of Nigeria.

Adedoyin made the remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Ibadan.

He said the outfit would also support the administration of national museums, antiquities and monuments throughout the country.

Adedoyin said that the museum would liaise with the national museums and other outlets as regards antiquities, science and technology, warfare, arts and crafts, architecture, natural history, educational and research services.

He promised to collaborate with the Oyo State Government and other relevant stakeholders regarding the management of museums and preservation of antiquities and monuments, especially those declared to be national antiquities.

“We shall carry out investigations on the repatriation of heritage resources which have been removed or stolen from Nigeria.

“We will ensure establishing, compiling, updating, managing and publishing a national inventory of cultural property in Nigeria.

“We will work toward exercising surveillance over the protection, conservation, restoration, maintenance, exhibition and accessibility of cultural property.’’

Adedoyin promised to authorise and monitor excavations to ensure that their documentation and exhibition of the results follow scientific methods.

According to him, the museum will promote public knowledge, education, appreciation and enjoyment of the cultural heritage among the public.

He said the development would ensure the establishment of more museums and declaration of national monuments and sites in different parts of the country.

Adedoyin pledged to partner international cultural bodies such as the International Council of Museum (ICOM) and International Centre for the Study of Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Properties (ICCROM) on heritage management.

He said it was the responsibility of the National Commission for Museum and Monument to ensure that the heritage resources were appropriately managed and packaged to improve tourism in Nigeria.

Adedoyin said that the museum would create more awareness through social media on the significance and value of heritage resources.

“We will organise more educational programmes for primary and secondary schools students, embark on mobile and temporary exhibitions, using both tangible and intangible heritage resources.

“We will drive for partnership with private organisations and public spirited individuals on programme and projects, geared toward the promotion and preservation of heritage resources.

“Funding is a major challenge as budgetary allocation is not enough.

“This can be addressed by reaching out to individuals and private bodies to partner with the museum, to actualise some of our lofty plans.

“Also, grants can be solicited for in tackling some specific and urgent heritage conservation issues,” he said.

Adedoyin urged the government to review national heritage legislation in line with the current realities and develop policy that would encourage investment and participation in the heritage/cultural sector.

“Staff should cooperate with their employers by discharging their responsibilities as due.

“Stakeholders, especially the traditional institutions and heritage related non-governmental organisations, should also be involved in driving for the promotion and preservation of heritage resources,” he said. (NAN)