How you will cure your ulcer permanently in 30 days (Sponsored)

How you will cure your ulcer permanently in 30 days (Sponsored)


“I had spent too much time speaking with him and was in a hurry to get my antacid and leave when he said what if I give to you a natural product to CURE your ulcer?

If this had been your experience likewise for years, please sit down carefully give this 10-minutes away that will solve your problem for life.

If your own experience hasn’t been as serious as mine, please take it serious now; else, this ulcer will still take you serious later.

Probably yours just present as heartburn, it comes and goes, and you just buy antacids to relieve, don’t worry, the ulcer will still come for you
It is better for one to have the answer to life’s questions before it rare its ugly head. I wish that was my case!

What I am about to show you is a ‘breakthrough solution’
I am placing this out to help ulcer patients like me. Oh sorry, did I still call myself an ulcer patient? AN ULCER CONQUEROR!

But, on a more serious note, I wish I got this solution the way it will be placed in your hands on a platter of gold.

If I was going to factor in what I went through before I laid my hands on this, then you may not be able to pay for it.
Don’t let me overemphasize how lucky or fortunate you are as you are working out of your ulcer in 30days. Yes, 30days, as little as that!

If you are like me, what you had battled with for years is going to vanish in 30days

So let me tell you my remarkable story of how I conquered ulcer

I am currently 29 years old. We are a family of five – my parents alongside my brother and my other sister. My father is a medical doctor, a consultant in family medicine. My mum is a journalist.

I am a well established patient of ulcer. As far back as I could remember, from my teenage years. I had sought every means I could think of to solve my ulcer issue but all to no avail. My ulcer keeps bleeding and giving me pains in ways I couldn’t think of.

Like the woman with the issue of blood, I couldn’t solve it not until I touched the ‘garment of this solution’. I had to find a way out by myself, despite my dad being a consultant in the field of medicine.

Till now, I still wonder why he didn’t have knowledge of the solution I got to my long-standing ulcer despite his years of experience. I even thought of if it were possible for him to have kept such solution away from me if he was aware.

If you were in my shoes, you would understand that I had every right to have thought of that when I laid my hands on this ‘wonder solution’.

But just like any other average doctor, I realized for one reason or the other, they have a bias against natural products. So it wasn’t his fault.

In fairness to my father, he was a truly loving and caring to myself and my siblings and a wonderful and responsible husband likewise. Despite that he worked far away from home, he ensured he spends at least two weekends with us in a month.

At least, on one of such weekends, he ensures that he spends quality time with us to catch up with the time he could have missed. He took us out to the beach, cinema, shopping, boat ride or what have you.

In fact, on one of the occasions that we were out for fun, the symptoms of my ulcer started and were unbearable. I had gnawing and burning abdominal pains that I couldn’t stand. I had to be rushed to the hospital.

Specifically it was on my parent’s wedding anniversary. That was how a wonderful date that was supposed to be fun-filled for the family turned to a distasteful one that we spent in the hospital.

That one is little compared to other problems that this ulcer had caused me in my life time. My painful experience of missing my professional exam and having to wait for another year to write it cannot be quantified.

I had been preparing for this exam for up to 6 months… that was 4 years ago. I had become an expert at managing my own condition by myself after years of experience.

I had understood the triggers, stuffs that worsen it, drinks I shouldn’t take and all.

I had adapted with the sleepless nights, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight loss, constipation and diarrhea. I had followed strictly all my self-made rules through this process of mastery. I knew which antacid relieves which type and extent of pain.

My exam was fast approaching and I was gradually catching up with the curriculum. I had tutorials with colleagues that we were preparing for the exam together.

I used the library in the day and go to class for the tutorial with colleagues in the evenings. All these in order to avoid the temptation to stay wake at night to avoid being stressed or broken down due to my ulcer. Virtually all loop holes were covered. A week to exam, I was more than confident of success in the exam.

My mum continually lauded my level of preparedness. My dad who was away as usual had flown out of the country this time for a conference in Germany.

On the eve of my exam, I started feeling abdominal pains late in the evening. It was initially gradual and I took my antacids and omeprazole. Apparently, it subsided.

Later on, right in the middle of the night, the pain started again. This time around it came with a full force, unbearable and unresponsive to all forms of management I had mastered.

At a point, I thought it was my menstrual pain and I took a pain relief medicine to alleviate it. While I was a teenager and just started menstruating, there used to be a mix up in the origin of my abdominal pains of my menstruation and that of my ulcer.

I mastered it along the line and I could spot the difference easily. Such that if I was having an ulcer pain during my menstrual period, I wouldn’t mix it up. On taking the pain relief, it was as if I opened the floodgate of the pains up. It came like a mighty whirl wind and it turned to unbearable in every sense of it.

My mum and my siblings ran helter-skelter. They called my dad. I tried to speak to him on phone, but I couldn’t. It was as if life was being taken out of me gradually as I struggled to catch my breath and I was crying profusely rolling on the floor. My dad noticing I couldn’t speak to him despite all effort sensed danger.

He called his doctor friend in town to ask if he was available.

Luckily for me, he was. That was how my siblings helped to carry me into the car and mum drove to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, I was administered injections.

After about 15 minutes, the pain started going down gradually, I became calm and I slept peacefully till morning. My mum and siblings were wide awake beside me watching to see the next move I could probably make. They kept the night.

I woke in the morning around 8am to find all forms of IV fluids being passed into my body.

I was weak and I couldn’t raise a feather. My exam was 9am.

I missed an exam I had prepared for for months just because of my ulcer.

How else would this ulcer not mess up my life? I was asked to go for endoscopy. When the result of my endoscopy came out, the doctor inferred that my ulcer was triggered due to accumulated stress.

My dad flew into the country the third day after his conference was over in Germany.

I could see the disappointment on his face that he couldn’t provide a lasting solution to my issue being a medical doctor. All preventive and management effort had brought me to this point. My father continually claimed that was how I would have to live my life as there isn’t any cure. I only wished I had met my ‘wonder solution’ earlier.

I was discharged after few days. After my discharge, I didn’t know which pain was greater whether the abdominal pain that came around a day to my exam I had prepared for months. Or that of missing the exam itself.

I was always encouraged to rest after the incident. Family members almost turned me to a robot. I wasn’t allowed to carry out any physically demanding activity even the ones I did effortlessly before my emergency admission in the hospital. I felt useless to myself, all because of a condition called ulcer.

My dad was determined to confront my ulcer and find a lasting solution. He didn’t even consult anyone before taking this next step, not even his wife.

To him, whatever could make his daughter miss an exam on the eve of it could be worse in the future. He called in one afternoon to prepare myself in a week time to travel for a surgery for my ulcer abroad.

He had spoken to my mum earlier to request for her annual leave so she could be with me through the trip.

He had settled everything with the logistics of the surgery – he had booked flight, how we are to get picked when we get there, our accommodation, how to get to the hospital, who we meet first in the hospital, what have you….

Surgery was successful and we got back to Nigeria.

I came back to Nigeria and continued with the medications I was issued. I sincerely got better around that period especially with the load of drugs I was given. I thought my ordeal with ulcer had ended.

I was coming back to a better version of myself. But just about two months after, I started feeling a terrible heart burn. I took my normal antacids and it took care of it temporarily, only for it to be recurrent. I prayed and wished fervently in my heart that it didn’t worsen as I had decided to keep whatsoever pain that comes out of it to myself. So far it is bearable and it wouldn’t be noticed. I believed my father had done his best.

My ordeal delayed my wedding ceremony by one year as myself and my fiancé was already planning for it immediately after my professional exam I missed.

I wrote my professional exam the following year and I passed. Probably not even with the level of preparation I gave initially.

I thought to myself why I had gone through the previous stress as it turned out to be the genesis of all I went through.
My terrible heartburn still comes around and I managed it with antacid.

My dad asked each and every time if there was any challenge with the ulcer but I made him believe all was fine.

My fiancé then, now my husband was with me all through. Since I had passed my professional exams in 2015, we began plans for our wedding in January 2016. We got wedded happily.

My heartburn never left fully, I researched more to end this menace myself but what I got to realize being a newly wedded was scarier than what I was currently dealing with.

I realized that the chance of my ulcer getting worse is higher when I get pregnant. HuuuuuuuH! What a revelation for a newly wedded.

I kept it to myself but I was continually worried. I had gotten job with an Indian company. We were sent to India at our head office in Delhi for training. My heartburn started; probably due to some of the food we were given.

I had no choice than to make do with those foods. Immediately my heartburn started, I sensed danger and I immediately walked down to a pharmacy to get an antacid.

I interacted with the Pharmacist and he gave a special attention as I was a foreigner in their land. He asked about the history of ulcer and gave him a low down.

I had spent too much time speaking with him and was in a hurry to get my antacid and leave, when he said what if I give to you a natural product to cure your ulcer?

I looked at him like he doesn’t know what he was saying. Then I told him frankly that there isn’t any cure for ulcer as it can at best be managed. He laughed very hard at me.

I felt ridiculed that someone could mock my condition in such way that I felt like giving him a slap.
He went inside and came out with a three packets of a medicine, and recommended that I start taking it two tablets in the morning, two in the evening for the next 30days.

I collected it reluctantly and asked him how much I was to pay.

He said he was giving me for free. I felt uncomfortable being a woman before he collects my contact and starts disturbing me. I insisted on paying, but he said it’s either I go with it freely or he collects it back. What kind of human is this I thought?

I left and then said thank you. I expected him to collect my contact but he didn’t. Was I going to drop it without him asking? I just walked away……

I told my husband about it on phone. I snapped the drugs to him. I wasn’t going to take the drugs. What do I know that the drug is about? I was not going to take anything new just like that since it wasn’t recommended by my dad.

Not in a foreign land! He tried to convince me to take it but I resisted. In fact, I just made him to believe I took it. I got another means to get my usual antacids and I was relieved of the heartburn. I managed it till we travelled back to Nigeria.

When I got back to Nigeria, I revealed to my husband how I had kept the drugs giving to me by that my mysterious friend and had not taken it. My husband eventually got me convinced to. I gave him details of where I got the drugs from in India.

Should in case anything goes wrong with me. He assured nothing was going to go wrong as if he was the one that gave me the drugs.

Today, I look back and I thank God for the kind of mind God gave my husband. A to-do mind. An optimistic one. A strong belief in possibilities.

I started taking the drugs as instructed. Two capsules in the morning, two capsules in the evening for 30days.

The result I got when I completed it was great. I wasn’t going to be swept so easily. That was the same feeling each time my dad changes my drug to another class of PPI, even after the surgery I had.

3 months passed, no symptoms, 6 months passed; I expected the bloating at least, nothing! 9 months passed, no symptoms still. It was one year exactly, January this year. How do I get back this my mysterious friend to thank him? We aren’t going to India from office anytime soon. No contact on the drug for me to reach out to.

I needed to say thank you at least to this man that showed me the way without over bothering it.

Our managers in the office were going to travel to India again. So I discussed to one I am close with and I appealed to him to help me check on my mysterious friend at the Pharmacy when he gets to Delhi. He agreed and he did when he got there.

My manager didn’t meet my mysterious friend again as he had quitted that place some months before. My so-nice manager came back and got his contact. I was very glad!

I placed a call through. He was so glad to hear from me. We went on skype. I couldn’t hold the conversation for long before I busted into tears. I introduced him to my husband as he thanked tremendously on my behalf.

I apologized for mistaken him for men that do things for women with the motive of getting something in return. I asked to pay him back but he insisted on not collecting anything.

He was the one that made me to further understand that the big pharmaceutical players had kept on fuelling drugs that manage conditions as against the natural products that cure them. This is because they only care about making billion of dollars every year.

If they have to set everyone free, they will be out of business. So, only the favored few get access to such natural products in a life time.

I shared my story with my dad. He was in utter disbelief! Later he understood the point of view of mysterious friend.

He then said to me to contact him on how we could help as many that we can to get their ulcer cured completely.

I got back through to my friend and requested that he helps to ensure that the product is shipped to Nigeria.

My dad now prescribes it to patients that can afford it in his private clinic. This is how mostly we have been able to reach hundreds of people and help them cure their ulcer totally.

The product I have been talking about is……


MEBO GI   for short………


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