How to Sell Books on Twitter


Twitter offers many excellent ways for you to accomplish this; here are some tips on how to sell books on Twitter.

  • Manage Your Expectations: Direct sales should not be your goal on Twitter; This may be too lofty a goal, at least at first. The goal is to develop a relationship with an interested audience, some of which will buy your book. Others may tell friends about your book or mention your book on Twitter or other social media platforms. Some followers will never buy or promote your book, but that's fine, because you will refine your messages over time to target your most valuable audience segments.
  • Get Started: Go to, start an account, and set aside 10-15 minutes three or four times per week to manage your account. Some authors avoid actually getting started started in social media because it looks overwhelming, but you will learn as you go.
  • Learn: To learn how to use Twitter, follow the accounts of both authors and non-authors you admire and use them as models for your Twitter interactions. You will feel comfortable with the basics of the platform within a week or two.
  • Interact: Everyone loves the attention of an @mention or a retweet. Spend time promoting and mentioning others, and they will do the same for you. Be sure the Tweets you post about yourself and your book are helpful and interesting as well as promotional; think about what you'd like to read if you were viewing your Tweets, and try to provide a variety of content. Not all of your Tweets have to mention your book; that information is easily granted by viewing your bio. Focus on your target audience and write Tweets that will engage individuals who are interested in subject matter that relates to your book. Once you've developed an audience, ask questions to encourage followers to interact with you.
  • Tweet about Your Blog: You are limited to 140 characters on Twitter, so if you have more content to share, use those characters to create a compelling message and provide a link to your blog. Twitter can provide significant blog traffic, and you can use your blog to further engage with your audience.
  • Be Consistent, But Not Boring: Show up on Twitter several times per week, but be sure to vary the content of your Tweets. It's fine to Tweet the same message more than once, but try to allow a few days and several other Tweets in between.
  • Make Sharing Easy: Add prewritten tweetable messages to your blog, articles you provide as a guest author, etc. These provide an easy way for your audience to share your message on social media, and the easier you make it for those who interact with you to promote you, the more free help you will get!

As you learn more about Twitter and your followers, you can test various features and review analytics to refine your message and continue growing your audience. Why not start today?


Source by Kim Staflund

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