How to Make Money on eBay – Tips to Generate More Leads to Your Auction Listings


Do you want to get the answer on how to make money on eBay and start working from home to spend more time with your family? To make money on eBay needs plenty of thought and effort. When you decide to work from home on eBay business you have to be committed and work smart or else you will fail easily.

The four fundamentals for successful eBay business that are leads, conversion rates, margins and average number of transactions per customer will give you a nice perspective how to make money on eBay. If every one of these profit factors is increased you can have an exponential result and can make your eBay business become the lucrative income for you.

Trough this article I am going to explain one of the profit factors, that is leads, so you can easily understand one of the basic concept on how to make money on eBay. Let's discuss the first factor about tips to generate more leads to your auction listings.

Here are some excellent tips to generate more leads to your auction listings that can answer your question on how to make money on eBay:

• Keyword research
Keywords research is very important to figure out the keywords that people use to search your item as well as your title and descriptions. This is very essential for any listings success and something that you must do in the beginning of starting eBay business. You can use eBay's Marketplace Research Tool and other keyword research tools, Wordtracker for instance, as the fastest way to research top performing keywords. It will show you the accurate research what keywords that people actually hit.

• Loss leading products
Loss leading products are items that put on cheap price to catch the attentions and driving more traffic to your eBay stores or other listings. This is an amazing tip to increasing your leads. From this additional traffic you must make your eBay stores or other listings ready to take the advantage if you decide to try it.

• Try things out with the time periods that your auction runs
Some products that has high price have a tendency to obtain higher bids by listing for longer time periods. It can be since since more people will interested to see it because of longer auction time period. But for items that sell faster it is better set to shorter time period. So you may catch the bidding frenzy at the expiration time much faster. Figure out these options and observe the results until you understand how people doing business with you. Let the market choose for you.

• The right time to close an auction
Choose the right time to close your auction because many people will only visit at auctions that about going to close. It is recommended that you close at the peak-traffic times. You can learn the traffic at the eBay Buyer Behavior Report.

• Create joint ventures with multiple powersellers
It is a lot better if you joint with a group of powersellers to share ideas or promoting one another's listings. Try to find a friend you know or enter the eBay's powerseller forum to get to know other powersellers.

• Use good photos
You will get better price if you have better photos for your listings. That is the true fact in how to make money on eBay. All you have to do is provide them with the most attractive and represent photos of your products. But do not make any deceived photos that will endanger your business. Just try to be honest.

• Build a website
Build a website to support and help your eBay's product promotion. You can drive more visitors to your eBay stores by internet marketing like SEO and other paid campaigns.


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