How to Increase Twitter Followers?

Increase Your Twitter Followers

The trick to quickly increasing your Twitter followers is to follow other people. It’s almost counter intuitive until you consider how Twitter works. Every time someone logs into Twitter, they see two numbers: The number of people they’re following, and the number of people following them.

The average Twitter user only has 126 followers. The idea that someone cares enough about what they’re tweeting is exciting. If you follow someone, it is very likely that they will follow you back almost immediately. If you’re in their niche, the probability that they’ll follow you back is nearly 100%.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow in order to get twitter followers:

Complete Your Profile:

Before you send your first tweet you need to make your Twitter account profile look like professional according to your business niche.

Upload a Photo of Yourself:

You can also use a photo of your business, product, or other image that is representative of what you do, but it will never be quite as successful as a photo of yourself.

People connect to other people. They respond emotionally to another human face. It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you are real.

Write a One Line Bio:

Are you a private detective? If so, say it. Do you sell pumpkin carving kits? Say it. Whatever you do, you’re automatically an “expert” in that niche in the eyes of the world, even before you open your mouth.

Include a Location:

Like a face and a bio, a location makes you into a real person and not just a troll living under a bridge or in a basement somewhere. If you’re uncomfortable giving exact directions to your home or office, be general. If you don’t want to say that you live in Southern London is good enough.

Change Your Background:

Switching from the default Twitter design for your profile page is an easy way to set yourself apart. Upload a new background image. I use my logo, and it appears on the top left of my page.

Try to Find People in Your Niche:

One way is to use Twitter Search. Enter a word or phrase that is relevant to your niche. If you blog about Internet Marketing, try “SEO Experts”. If you’re a selling a product related to Used Laptops, use “Laptops”.

Source by Jawwad Patel

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