How To Beat The Twitter 2000 Flower Limit

Do you have any idea on how to get over the Twitter 2000 limit? Well, if you are a newbie in Twitter, you may not know the answer yet. Normally, if you are newly putting up your online business, you would try your best to build connections as many you can, would not you? But as you are building connections with lots of people, you will notice that you will not be able to follow any individuals anymore if you have reached a number of 2000 Twitter users.

Well, if you still have not learned the ways, you would probably create another Twitter account and build new connections again. And this can become frustrating on your part. This requires lots of efforts and consumes much of your time. Sometimes, the Twitter limit gets activated even if you have not yet reached 2000 Twitter users. So, what can we do to beat the Twitter 2000 follower limit?

In Twitter, the only people who can see your tweets are those people who have followed you back. If they have refused to follow you then you will not be able to market your services and products to them. In simple terms, the key to effectively market your services and products on Twitter is to get as many individuals as you can to follow you to see your updates and tweets. But this strategy can not be easily applied in reality because Twitter has provided a 10% limit. You can never follow more than 10% of Twitter followers. This means that Twitter does not remove the limit if you fail to make the 2000 individuals follow you back.

So, how can we get over with the limit? It's very simple and practical. You just have to increase your own follower list. You do not really need 2000 individuals to follow you back. The secret lies in 1819. The moment you reach the digits 1819, you can follow that number plus 180. This means that your follower limit becomes 2001. With that, you have slowly broken your Twitter limitation. If we try to calculate this we can assume that for every 10 amateur followers you obtain, you will be able to follow 11 Twitter users, and so on.

This is a very simple and practical formula that anyone can apply. This explains why other Twitter users seem not to have limitation. This is a great marketing strategy to build up your business and build an online reputation that adds credibility on your part. This advances not just your sales but also your online image.

So, the next time you try to make a Twitter account, never hesitate to follow individuals as much as you can. We have to understand that in any types of business, whether traditional or non-traditional business, everything is a numbers' game. The more followers, the more prospects which mean you will have more potential clients or customers. Everything is a matter of applying the right and effective strategy to succeed in online business and in any other parts of our human life. Everything is a numbers' game.

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