How to Add a Custom Background to Your YouTube Channel

Are you ready to spruce up your YouTube channel and make it personal? You can add a background of your choice and make your channel stand out. If you are using it for a business I highly recommend having a nice, unique background. It will help people remember you and take the overall look of your channel up a notch.

How to add a custom background to YouTube:

1. The first thing you need to do find an image that you like that fits the look and feel of you or your brand. If you have a website you could pick something that matches or is similar so your brand stays consistent. You can find nice backgrounds or images on stock photo sites. The limit for the size of your background image is 256 K.

2. Now you are going to log on to your YouTube account. In the upper right corner where it says your YouTube name it gives you an arrow with a drop down menu. “My Channel” is the first selection on the upper left in that menu, you will need to select that and navigate to your “channel” from there.

3. Once you are on “your channel” you will want to select the “themes and colors” button. When you select that option you will see several color choice options. Under those color choices is a selection called “show advanced options” you will want to click on that, this will bring up more options for you. Find the “background image” selection, here is where you will navigate and upload the image you want to use. Navigate to that image where you have it stored by selecting “browse”. You may find that you need to check the “repeat background” box to fill the entire page. Make sure when you are done uploading your photo you select “save changes” or what you have just done will be lost.

4. If you want to make even more changes and customize your channel colors you can change the color palettes in the same place you uploaded your background image. Be sure again if you make changes to those options you select “save changes” when you are done.

5. Once you have made all the changes go back to your channel and see if you are happy with how your background looks. If not go back through the process you just did. If you like you now have a nice new YouTube Channel.

Source by Angie Paige

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