How FCT school got educational support from Foundation

How FCT school got educational support from Foundation

Ane Osiobe Foundation donates books to FCT school
Ane Osiobe Foundation donates books to FCT school

By Gami Tadanyigbe

The Government Secondary School, Lugbe, in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT became the proud beneficiary of educational materials donated by Ane Osiobe International Foundation, an NGO.

The educational materials donated included books, pens, cleaners, sharpeners among other which is intended to assist the students and their parents in acquiring education.

Osiobe said the NGO founded in 2015, in honour of Mrs Ann Osiobe was established by Ejiro Osiobe and Co-founded by Nyore Osiobe, with the aim of supporting education.

He said that the educational materials would help and assist indigent students to meet the educational standards in the country.

“We want to see how we can help children in this community to achieve their dreams so that those who want to become doctors will achieve the desired goals.

“The Foundation is a private NGO which anyone may donate, and the public has the right to request its financial statements, it is also member of the OnGood registry for NGOs around the world.

“It is also the first online NGO in Nigeria known for operating as an Economic Development Organisation, and includes Health and Nutrition Department, Trendsetters Series, Ane Osiobe Altrisum Farm, and Ane Tree. Its central city of operation is Lugbe, Abuja,” Osiobe said.

He further revealed that the foundation, serves to increase the public understanding on the benefit of supporting educational advancement and supporting students in the country.

Miss Mohammed Hassanah, the head girl of the school thanked the NGO for their kind gesture and promised to use the items given to her judiciously.

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