Hottest Ebay Categories

One of the best ways you can be a top eBay seller, is to know what the hottest categories are. The top 27 categories I will tell you about; are the categories that sell the most items on ebay. Get a paper and pen and find some products within these categories to sell.

Antiques of course would be number one. Everything from sewing to candlesticks.

Baby is another eBay category that sells really well. Especially developmental baby toys and baby formula.

Books is a great selling category. Agriculture and audio books sell really well.

Business and Industrial category is a top seller also. Everything from work clothes to power tools sell excellent.

Cameras and Photos is another great eBay category to sell in. Everything from Camcorders to accessories sell awesome!

Cell Phones and PDA’s is an outstanding category to sell in. The best selling item by far is a Motorola bluetooth headset.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories is a great category to make some money in if you can find a distributor that will work with you. Boys, Girls, and Women’s clothing sells best. Men’s accessories is not too far behind.

Coins are a fantastic way to make some money if you are a collector. Everything from money with errors to foreign currency.

Collectibles are another great money making eBay category. From comics to Disney collectibles, this category will make you money.

Computers and Networking is a great category for the computer people to make some dough. Everything from laptops to computer peripherals and accessories sell good.

Consumer Electronicsis a huge money making category. Maybe a little too over-saturated, but still a good category.

Crafts is another good eBay category. Cross stitching to sewing accessories sell great in the crafts category.

Dolls and Bears is another awesome eBay category. American and vintage dolls seem to sell the best.

DVD’s and Movies is an excellent money maker also. Wholesale lots of dvd’s sell the best. Kind of ironic, since everyone trying to make money sells single DVD’s. Kind of tells you everyone is buying the lots, but nobody is buying the singles.

Ebay Motors is another good eBay category. Everything from vehicles to car parts and accessories sell amazingly well.

Entertainment Memorabilia is another eBay category that you wouldn’t think would make you any money, but it will. Autographs sells especially well.

Everything Else(Mature Audiences) is another money making eBay category. Books, magazines and CD’s seem to sell the best.

Health and Beauty is a good eBay category as well. All kinds of dietary supplements to make up sell fantastic in the category.

Home and Garden category is another good one. Everything from electrical and solar stuff to kitchen appliances sell really good.

Jewelry and Watches sell good also. This category is good for everything from charms and bracelets to fobs.

Musical Instruments is another great category to sell in. Mostly wholesale lots and package deals sell well.

Pottery and Glass is another eBay category that sells really good. China dinnerware sells the best by far.

Sporting Goods is a good eBay category to sell in also. Everything from golf to snowmobiling equipment will sell in this category.

Sports Memorabilia, Cards, and Fan Shop is another good category. Every kind of sports memorabilia will sell in this category.

Stamps is a category you never would have thought sells good, but it does. Stamp books and lots seem to sell the best.

Toys and Hobbies is an awesome category to make money in as well. Every kind of toy from old to new will sell on ebay. Especially new in box toys.

Video Games, I would have never guessed. This is probably the best selling category on eBay right now. Anything will sell that is associated with video games.

Remember, these are the hottest categories on eBay right now. Get some ideas together and start doing some research to find the best items you can sell.

Source by Lisa Page

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