Higuaín no longer for Argentina: “When you’re heavily criticized, it hurts”

Chelsea’s striker 

Striker Gonzalo Higuaín (Photo) has ended his career in the Argentinian national team. “My time is over,” the 31-Year-old declared Thursday, speaking to “FOX Sports” television station. He had communicated his point to the Argentine national team coach Lionel Scaloni. He wants to spend more time with his family in England. In 75 games, the striker scored 31 times for his country.

Messi in 1st, Higuaín in 6th
Argentina’s all time leading goal scorers
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Higuaín moved to Chelsea FC via a loan in January. He had previously been loaned to AC Milan by Italian champion Juventus. The French-born striker, with Argentine citizenship, previously played for SSC Napoli and Real Madrid. In the 2015/16 Season, he set the Italian Serie A goal scoring record with 36 goals in 35 games for Napoli.

The expectation that he could also celebrate success with Lionel Messi and the national team remains unfulfilled. Higuaín and Messi were striker partners for Argentina at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, 2014 in Brazil, and 2018 in Russia. After failing to score at the last World Cup, Higuaín faced harsh criticism in Argentina. In the 2014 World Cup final against Germany, he had a great chance to give Argentina a 0:1 lead in extra time when he was one on one against goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. In 2015 and 2016, Albiceleste also lost twice in the Copa América final.

“When you’re heavily criticized, it hurts. My Family has suffered as well, while I have always given my all for the national team,” Higuaín went on to say. “People remember the chances I’ve missed rather than the goals I’ve scored. If people say we haven’t achieved our goals, that’s fine. But we didn’t fail, because otherwise we wouldn’t even have made it to the World Cup.”

That Barça captain Messi is now having a new go with the national team after half a year off is what Higuaín has expected: “Every day we’re criticized and that hurts. I’m not surprised Lionel Messi keeps trying, he’s a born winner.” In the interview, with regard to his decision: “I’m not closing doors permanently, but right now I’m just thinking about the future.”



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