Gritty got attacked by a child during a Flyers game … again

On Wednesday night Gritty was attacked by a child for the second time in as many years.

In incident was markedly similar to a November 2018 attacks, in which a mite broke free of the shackles of an intermission pickup game to pick a fight with the cosmic terror known as Gritty, in a vain attempt to save humanity.

If there’s anything the movie It taught me it’s that adults are useless in a crisis and children are the only ones able to confront and defeat absolute evil. We all grow up with a healthy fear of clowns, for instance, but that fades with age until we think they’re just dumb. Similarly when confronted with an Old One like Gritty our immediate reaction is to love him, embrace him — even … fall for him. But the children know. They know better than us. They know he must be stopped, no matter the cost.

Heed their warning. Join them in their fight. Our future is at stake.

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