Google Maps Takes A Step Forward

After the success of Google maps, Google has teamed up with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to bring Google maps to petrol stations across America. Internet connected touch screens will be installed on pumps and motorist will be able to get directions and print out a copy whilst filling their tanks.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is a company providing fuel and retail management services to Petrol stations and convenience stores in the US, this new partnership and business step seems to be a good move by Google to a get a little more exposure and publicity not that it necessarily needs it. Note that Google will not be receiving any advertising revenue from this.

Insiders see this new move as good profit opportunity, petrol stations will increase their earnings from motorist that would stop to use the map and purchase fuel, the company involved could also see this as a good opportunity to increase volume sales of pumps and other services they offfer.

As per Kirsten Paust, vice president of global retail systems at Gilbarco Veeder-Root, “getting directions at the pump is safer than using Internet-enabled devices from the driver’s seat and far more reliable than just asking a stranger (…) We believe consumers will prefer convenience stores that deliver useful information and ultimate convenience. Retailers who use these tools will make themselves more valuable to consumers and gain the competitive edge”.

How useful would this service be for the consumers? More and More people rely on satellite navigation systems and previously printed maps from personal computers before starting their journeys. Can Google maps touch screens really compete against that?

Only time will tell. These touch-screens are meant to go ‘live’ next month in the United States ans there’s yet no date or plan for a UK trial.

Source by Anja Glauch

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