Garmin Nuvi 780 GPS Compared to Other Nuvi 700 Series GPS

The Garmin Nuvi 780 is a great value in the Garmin Nuvi 700 GPS series. The Nuvi 700 series includes the Nuvi 750, Nuvi 760, Nuvi 770, and Nuvi 780.

When the manufacturer discontinues a GPS as it has with the Nuvi 780 GPS, the merchants drop the price to clear the GPS from inventory. This creates an excellent opportunity to buy an extremely capable GPS for a very low price.

When we start comparing the four GPS in the Garmin Nuvi 700 GPS series, we find that they are very similar to each other with only four features different between the four units.

Let’s start by examining what is the same with these units. They all are 4.8″W x 3.0″H x.8″D (12.2 x 7.6 x 2.0 cm) (wide screen models). The displays are all 3.81″W x 2.25″H (9.7 x 5.7 cm), 4.3″ diagonal (10.9 cm). They all weigh 6.2 ounces (176 g).

The most important feature for an automotive GPS is for it to speak street names, and all four of these units speak street names.

With the exception of the Nuvi 770, which was priced at $629.95, the price range for these units ranged from $189.99 for the Nuvi 750 to $199.99 for both the Nuvi 760 and Nuvi 780. (At the time this article was written).

Now let’s look at the differences between these GPS.

The first feature with differences is the Preloaded maps feature. All of the units have preloaded City Navigator NT road maps for the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Nuvi 770 includes maps of Europe as well.

The next feature with differences is the Bluetooth® feature. All of the units except the Nuvi 750 have Bluetooth® wireless technology to allow you to connect to your cell phone for hands-free calling.

Next, the MSN® Direct compatible feature has differences between the four units. All four units are MSN® Direct compatible, but the Nuvi 780 GPS includes the receiver in the purchase price along with a three month subscription to MSN® Direct.

The FM traffic compatible feature is the final feature with differences. All four units are FM traffic compatible, but the Nuvi 760 and Nuvi 770 include the FM traffic receiver along with a three month subscription to TMC Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network. The Nuvi 780 GPS does not offer this feature.

In conclusion, unless you really need European maps, the Nuvi 770 is very expensive compared to the other three units. The Nuvi 750 is the low end of the units and lacks some key features. I recommend that you consider the Nuvi 780 GPS or the Nuvi 760 GPS. The only difference between the two is the Nuvi 760 has FM traffic included and the Nuvi 780 GPS has MSN® Direct included. At the time of the writing of this article, they were both the same price on Amazon.

Source by John V. W. Howe

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