Frey: ‘You have to love Fiorentina to understand Juve derby’ | English News


19 April at 23:45

Former Fiorentina goalkeeper Sebastien Frey talks to ahead of the match against Juventus, tomorrow.


“To understand the meaning of the match against Juventus for Fiorentina you have to wear this shirt for a few years, you have to breathe the atmosphere in the city before and after, above all you have to love the purple jersey. Against any strong team if you win you are doing business, if you draw it’s a good point and if you lose you are there. To take the newspaper to feel the pressure that is around this match, so this game takes on an even more important flavour because as an enemy, I hope that Juventus will postpone the conquest of the Scudetto. Fiorentina wins it anyway and also deservedly “.




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