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Comedian Freddie Starr died of heart disease, a post-mortem has found.

The 76-year-old entertainer was discovered by a carer at his home in Spain on Thursday.

It has now been confirmed that Starr, who suffered a major heart attack in April 2010 and underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery, died of natural causes.

Dr Sebastian Diaz, director of Malaga’s Institute of Legal Medicine, which carried out the post-mortem, said: “The only thing I can tell you about Mr Freddie Starr’s death is that his death was the result of a natural process, and specifically an ischemic heart disease.”

:: Freddie Starr: Tributes paid to ‘funniest man’

Freddie Starr, pictured in 2011, with Sophie Lea
Starr, pictured in 2011, with his estranged wife Sophie Lea

Starr was known for his wild and eccentric behaviour on stage and became a household name in the 1970s after appearing on talent show Opportunity Knocks.

His manager confirmed his death on social media, saying: “This is Freddie’s manager just to confirm Freddie has passed away. RIP to our greatest comedian of all time.”

Fellow comedians and celebrities have been paying tribute to the Merseyside-born entertainer.

Bobby Davro told Sky News: “Out of all the comedians from the past era, I would have to say he was the funniest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

Bobby Davro remembers time he spent with the late Freddie Starr

Davro on Starr: ‘There was no one funnier’

“He could be quite uncomfortable to be with actually, almost intimidating, but his physical comedy was as good as anyone’s I’ve ever seen.”

He added: “I remember watching him once back in the late ’80s and thinking, ‘as long as I’ve got breath in my body, I’ll never be as funny as Freddie Starr’. There’s never going to be another Freddie.”

Comedian Jim Davidson tweeted: “Just heard the news. Freddie Starr was the greatest.”

Starr made headlines in 1986 when the Sun newspaper ran its infamous ‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster’ story, which claimed he put the live pet in a sandwich and mimed eating it.

The Sun's infamous 1986 front page and its story covering Starr's death. Pic: Sun newspaper
The Sun’s infamous 1986 front page and its story covering Starr’s death. Pic: The Sun newspaper

Former model Louise Fox, who owned Sonic the hamster and was a good friend of Starr’s, told Leicestershire Live on Friday that what really happened was “misconstrued”.

She explained: “He had the hamster in the sandwich but nobody ever said he ate it.

“There was nobody more shocked than me when that headline came out.”

Ms Fox, who lives in Leicestershire, said Starr had been staying at her home and had complained about being hungry, so she told him to make himself a sandwich.

“So he just went and got two big slices of bread, doorstop things, and buttered them and when he sat down on the settee he had the hamster between them,” she said.

“He did bite into the bread, but not the hamster.

“I was upset because the hamster was covered in butter which took two days for it to lick off.”


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