Greg Hardy won his second UFC fight Saturday night in San Antonio against Juan Adams in under a minute. The finish came via TKO at 45 seconds into the first round after many unanswered ground strikes to the head of Adams, several to the back of his skull.

“Calling my name comes with consequences,” Hardy screamed in his post-fight interview.

“I want to thank Juan Adams … Great opponent. You can run it back anytime.”

Leading into the contest, Adams led a personal crusade against the former NFL Pro Bowler Hardy — who he criticized for his history of domestic abuse and favored status within the UFC. Adams also protested the stoppage afterward.

“The Kraken” certainly absorbed a great deal of blows to the head in a short period of time while facedown on the mat, hanging onto Hardy’s left leg. At the fight’s start the two heavyweights exchanged stiff jabs.

Hardy clipped Adams with a right cross before being hit by another jab to the face by Adams. After ducking under more punches from Hardy, Adams changed levels and shot in for a single-leg takedown.

Hardy countered the attempt with a whizzer and sprawl, forcing Adams to the ground, facedown. Adams stayed in on the leg but didn’t advance his position.

For his part, Hardy got right to work with punches, at first to the back of Adams’ head, which is against unified MMA rules. The referee watched on and allowed the punches to the back of the head to continue without pausing the action or warning Hardy.

Hardy eventually landed more shots, these to other parts of Adams’ head, including his ear and temple, prompting the referee to step in and call a halt to the action. Hardy yelled in celebration, licked blood from his hands and face and then pantomimed slitting his own throat in celebration.

Hardy’s record improves to 5-1 with the win. Adams’ loss is his second straight, and his overall mark dips to 5-2.

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