Over 1.24m people get evacuation order in Japan

No fewer than 1.24 million residents of the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu received an emergency evacuation order on Wednesday due to the threat of landslides and floods caused by heavy rains, according to Kyodo News.

The entire population of the cities of Kagoshima, Amakusa and Ira on the island of Kyushu, nearly 760,000 people, were directed on Wednesday to evacuate their homes.

According to reports, in the immediate evacuation zone there are 58 thousand houses, in which more than 1.24 million people live.

The flooding and landslides were caused by the continuing heavy rains in the area.

​According to NHK TV, an elderly woman died in the city of Kagoshima when one of the landslides crushed her home before she could leave.

The respective city administrations announced that the flooding and mudslides constitute a real threat to the lives and safety of the people living there. Residents were asked to immediately take refuge in schools and municipal institutions located on higher ground.


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