Fleetwood coach Barton physically attacks Barnsley coach Stendel: “It’s disgusting”

Police investigate incident 

Former professional Joey Barton is making negative headlines again in England. The 36-year-old Fleetwood Town coach clashed with former Hanover coach Daniel Stendel (Photo) after the League One match at Barnsley FC. The scuffle was said to have occurred in the players tunnel.


Daniel Stendel

D. Stendel

Barnsley FC

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League One


League One

“To have a manager that can physically assault another manager in the tunnel is disgusting, causing our manager to have blood pouring from his face,” Barnsley striker Cauley Woodrow (24) wrote on Twitter shortly after the match. He continued in his Tweet, “People like you don’t deserve a place in the game of football you are foul.” The attacker deleted the tweet a little later. Shortly after the final whistle, there was a verbal confrontation on the touchline between Stendel and Barton.

Both Coaches did not show up for the scheduled press conference after the encounter. According to information from “Sky Sports,” Stendel even had to receive emergency medical care in the stadium. Pictures from the TV channel showed Barton being escorted by police as he left the compound.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed to PA News agency that an incident had occurred following Stendel’s club’s 4:2 win, and an investigation was underway. Barnsley FC Also officially announced late in the evening that there had been an incident, and the club was assisting police with the inquiries.

Barton took over the coaching post at Fleetwood in June 2018 after his suspension by the English Federation, FA, expired. The 36-year-old, who was employed by Premier League club Burnley before his suspension, had admitted placing more than 1200 bets on football matches between 2006 and 2016 – also against his team a number of times. Barton stressed that he never bet against his own squad when he was going to play. He said that he had suffered from a gambling addiction.


Joey Barton

J. Barton

Fleetwood Town

Citizenship: EnglandEngland

League One


League One

The English Federation banned him for 18 months, and Barton also had to pay a penalty of around 35,000 euros. The midfielder had some other negative times during his career, and had been banned or suspended at various clubs. Among other things, he served a fortnight in prison for assault causing bodily harm to a passer-by at Liverpool in 2008.

Stendel had been unveiled as the new coach at the recently relegated from the Championship side FC Barnsley in June 2018. The 45-year-old’s team is currently ranked second in League One, and is battling for a direct resurgence back to the second tier in English football.



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