FG Cautions Against Abuse Of IDECs As NCS Seizes Concealed N566m Mobile Phone Handsets

The Ministry of Finance is advising Not-for-profit and Charity organizations and members of the public to exercise caution in applying for Import Duty Exemption Certificates (IDECs) while receiving donations of relief materials from foreign donors. Organizations are advised to ensure that the donations are from genuine partners.

The Federal Government would henceforth hold local charity organizations and their trustees responsible for abuse of IDECs issued in respect of relief materials.

This warning followed a recently discovered case in which a Charitable organization applied for and was granted IDEC for the importation of donated drugs for HIV treatment, anti-malarial drugs and mosquito nets. However, an inspection by the Nigerian Customs Service detected that 5,900 units of high-end Samsung mobile phones and screen covers valued at over N566 million were concealed within the mosquito nets. The items were not listed on the manifest, nor detailed in the IDEC application. The items have now been seized and a case for potential prosecution is being prepared.

Following this discovery, the Ministry of Finance and the Nigerian Customs Service have amended the procedure for the issuance and extension of IDEC in respect of relief materials. Henceforth the NCS would automatically conduct 100 per cent inspection on all donations for which IDECs have been issued.

In addition, prior to issuance of IDECs for relief donations, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigeria Customs Service will conduct more vigorous detailed background checks on both the foreign donors and the trustees of local charity organizations. In addition IDECs for relief materials will be valid for 180 days only, but can be reviewed if unused.
The Ministry and the Nigeria Customs Service reiterated that Nigeria welcomes and appreciates donations of relief materials but would work to prevent abuse by unscrupulous individuals determined to economically damage Nigeria by evading duties payable on commercial goods.

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