Female Erogenous Zones – 4 To Target and Drive Your Partner Wild

Here we are going to look at female erogenous zones that can drive your partner wild with desire and there not the obvious ones.

One of the most important criteria for better or even great sex is adding some variety and the element of surprise and these three are neglected!

So let’s look at them.

1. The Inner Thighs

Most men in this region simply head for the obvious but you can heighten the eventual pleasure and arouse your partner simply by lingering in this area.

For all women this area is one to target. Kiss and lick moving up and at the last minute moving back down.

Not only is this area sensitive and erotic for women it also has the psychological impact of making her think what is coming next and when.

Teasing is a great turn on and there is no better area to tease than the inner thighs

2. The Neck

If you have read our articles on French kissing, you will know that the best way to proceed after a great kiss on the lips is to target the neck.

There is no better way to get your partner in the mood to go further than to lightly kiss nibble or lick the neck.

The neck is full of nerve endings and targeting it will drive her wild.

One word of caution don’t get too carried away. Many women won’t appreciate it if they end up with a love bite and visible bruising.

3. The buttocks

What women is not conscious about her bottom?

Well, in a recent poll 79% said they were not satisfied with it, so pay it some attention and say its beautiful kiss it, lick it, squeeze it and nibble it.

This is psychological as well as physical most women love to know their men appreciate them and an area they can be conscious of as not being their best asset

4. The Back

What does a massage do?

It relaxes you and one of the keys for women to become fully sexually aroused is to be relaxed.

Relax her by massaging her shoulders and running your hands down the side of the spine while pressing and massaging.

Then move to kissing the shoulders and licking and licking the spine area.

Pay special attention to the end of the spine, just above the buttocks.

Kissing and licking here is an incredible tease for any women and is extremely sensuous.

There are more erogenous zones

These are just 4 erogenous zones that men don’t pay enough attention to so make sure you do and drive your partner wild with desire and passion.

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

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