Exploring Granite Counter Tops

Granite countertops are a wonderful addition to your home, the choices today are many, and choosing your style of granite is half the fun. Granite is a hard porous substance that is capable of lasting for many years, with just a small amount of care.

Granite countertops come in many different colors and styles. The biggest limitation is where you shop, and how far you are willing to travel for the color that you desire. Your personal home contractor may only offer four or five different types. Large home supply companies such as Home Depot may carry about fifteen different stone types, but for a more broad selection you need to go to a granite fabricator.

The granite fabricator that cuts your stone countertop may have as many as forty different choices of stone to choose from. Textures and subtleties are what determine the price of each granite counter top. A light colored stone with black, gray, and white flecks like Luna Pearl is one of the least expensive types, and is usually offered by your contractor at around $75.00 per linear foot, which is similar to Corian. For a more elegant look, you may like Blue Pearl granite. This stone’s color is affected by light in that large translucent chips and a dark gray color give the stone depth allowing for light reflection. Installed, it can run between $175 and $200 per linear foot.

Granite counter top colors are varied, but you must remember that it is a naturally occurring stone, so there can be many irregularities. The variation may not be noticeable on a four by four section, so to avoid a large dark area on your counter top, you may consider a personal inspection. Head for the fabricator, and pick out your own stone, and do not be afraid to bring swatches of cabinetry and flooring materials with you, in order to make a perfect match for your own home.

The practicality of a granite counter top does not affect the upscale impression that it presents. The stone is almost impossible to damage, whether it be by a hot pan or a knife. For many food preparation methods, you will need to use a cutting board. This is not necessarily to protect your counter top, as much as to protect your knives. As a natural material, granite is porous and will stain if not given proper care. Sealing and cleaning spills will help to prevent these problems. The granite counter top will arrive at your home pre-sealed by the manufacturer. Following this, a yearly sealing in addition to taking special care around sinks and cook tops will be all that is necessary to keep your granite counter top glowing naturally.

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