Every second of Dwyane Wade’s circus buzzer beater is a perfect mess

Dwyane Wade’s game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors at the buzzer was a dang miracle, and another reminder of why we’ll miss him so much when he retires at the end of the year.

Watch Wade take a three-times broken play and end up with a wild off-balance, one-footed three to beat the back-to-back champs.

Let’s review what went down here by the second, because this was equal parts disastrous and perfect.

11-through-9.1 seconds to go

Wade dribbled the ball up slowly. “Let’s try to win this one with a very normal shot,” he probably thought.

9 seconds to go

Wade got into his dribble move. He’s going to blow by his defender towards the rim for a floater, right?

8 seconds to go

[Wade realized “Crap, this isn’t going to work.”]

7 seconds to go

Wade was totally stuck with his back to the hoop.

6 seconds to go

Wade realized he had to kick the ball out for probably the last shot of the night for Dion Waiters.

5 seconds to go

Waiters pump-faked with time to spare.

4 seconds to go

Waiters side-stepped into a double team with nowhere to go. This possession looked completely dead.

3 seconds to go

Waiters swung the ball back out to Wade in a dying-by-the-ticks final play.

2 seconds to go

Wade long pump-faked to get Kevin Durant going in the air. This was his time to launch, down two points for the win!

1 second to go

Wade got blocked by Jordan Bell before the horn. What a busted play!


.5 seconds to go

What the heck is he—


In his final season! Sheesh.

Wade really has a thing for buzzer-beaters on Feb. 27 it seem.

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