Even Ja Rule’s NBA curses are a fraud

Something weird happened after Ja Rule performed at halftime of a Bucks game last week. In what only can be believed to be a Freaky Friday situation the rapper has confused himself with Lil B The Based God.

Ja Rule is ganking the NBA curse gimmick from Lil B, who popularized his famous NBA curses during the 2014 NBA season, and saw them work. Now, several years have passed, making it the perfect time for Ja Rule to try and steal the spotlight, I guess.

At least he has Lil B’s blessing, kind of — I mean, Lil B did retweet this.

And Ja Rule is paying attention if you’re laughing at him.

So, let’s track his curses and blessings:

  • Timberwolves will never win a championship.
  • Kings will never win a championship.
  • Bucks WILL win a championship with Giannis.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns is leaving the Timberwolves.

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