Environmental Health is Bedrock of Sustainable Development – Odusote

Environmental Health is Bedrock of Sustainable Development – Odusote


Environment Minister Ibrahim Jibril
Environment Minister Ibrahim Jibril

Environmental Health is Bedrock of Sustainable Development – Odusote

The Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Environment, Mrs Ibukun Odusote, has obseverd that environmental health is the bedrock of sustainable development in any given society.

The Permanent Secretary made the observation in Abuja while taking briefings from departments and agencies of the ministry.

Mrs. Odusote averred that “the environment was the most important determinant of sustainability in any given society as it has the potential to directly and indirectly impact on the wellbeing and health of the citizenry”.

According to her “we rely on the environment for virtually everything we need for human sustainability, including the clean and unpolluted air that we breathe, safe and uncontaminated drinking water, the food we eat for human sustenance, security and housing”.

She maintained that one cannot truly separate environmental issues from the economic sustainability of the society, stressing that many environmental factors can affect our health and productivity.

The Permanent Secretary however lamented that despite the enormous importance of environmental health to the sustainability of the society, the budgetary allocation has remained inadequate to address the various environmental challenges confronting us as a people and as a nation, noting that often times the Ministry’s budget is almost always equated to Erosion control alone which unfortunately is just one single aspect of several factors that affect the environment.

“Our country is facing myriads of climate change issues and concerns that need serious budgetary provisions to address if we are to address the targets set by the United Nations on Climate Change”, she added.

She further enjoined the Agencies and Parastatals in the Environmental Sector to work out modalities to enhance more media visibility and awareness creation that would favourably impact on their activities.

Mrs. Odusote further opined that, “it is only when Nigerians are properly sensitized about the value of your job that they can appreciate your efforts and that way you will be able to generate more revenue for the government”.

Saghir el Mohammed
Director Press


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