Educationist tasks teachers on discipline, morals

 An Educationist and Proprietor of Best Nursery and Primary School, Ilorin,  Mr Kunle Babatunde,  has advised teachers in the country to be disciplined and of good conduct.

Babatunde, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Thursday, described teachers as ‘society’s  mirror’ as everyone looked up to them.

According to him, teachers must be responsible both in the classroom and the society because students are everywhere watching their actions.

“Teachers should act as role models and not to mislead their students, as most students especially in the basic classes believe in the actions of their teachers more than those of their parents.

“As you all know, young children in basic classes mostly take the words of their teachers more serious than those of their parents.

“Even when you as a parent tries to correct them, they will reply you that my aunty (teacher) told us this should be done like this.

“Teachers have more influence over children and students than their parents. That is the reason every teacher must always behave politely and be morally sound,” he said.

Babatunde, however, advised teachers to watch their manners, their dress code and whatever they did in society and in the presence of their students.

The proprietor said anybody who was academically sound and lacked moral ethics was not qualified to be referred to as a teacher.

“Being sound academically is not enough to see yourself as a good teacher when you lacked the basic moral ethics.

“Teaching does not end in the classroom, teaching is everywhere even in society as everybody watches your actions and behaviour,” he said. ( NAN)