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Ed Sheeran’s wildlife pond has been given the all-clear by inspectors despite neighbours complaining that it is actually a swimming pool.

A Suffolk Coastal District Council team visited the pop star’s estate and found “no evidence that it is not a wildlife pond”.

The kidney-shaped pond includes a small jetty and two sets of steps, and earlier this month angry locals asked the council to check what it was being used for, claiming it was detrimental to the surroundings and wildlife.

Tony Robinson wrote: “I believe that the development of the site is more about creating an environment for a ‘wild lifestyle’ rather than actual ‘wildlife’!”

Andrew Cattee said at the time that “what was initially a wildlife pond has become a recreational swimming pond, now with the addition of steps, handrail and jetty”.

In the application, Ed promised the features would “form interest to the pond” and enable access “in the event of maintenance and emergency”.

Sheeran, 28, was given planning permission for the development on the basis it was used for wildlife and not for swimming or any other recreational leisure activity.

The application noted there were also two sheds, used for storing equipment, adding that a common newt and a number of insects had been seen in the pond already.

A Suffolk Coastal District Council spokesman said inspectors visited the estate, close to where Ed grew up in Framlingham, “as a result of the concerns raised”.

Ed Sheeran's new pond
Locals have cast doubt on whether the pond is just that

“There was no evidence that it is not a wildlife pond, as plants are growing in and around it, or that the planning conditions had been broken,” the spokesman said.

“We will continue to monitor the situation.”

In 2018, plans to build a Saxon-style chapel on Sheeran’s estate were rejected after a wildlife group voiced concerns about the possible impact on great crested newts living there.

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